Maleeq Cafe LATTE with Goat's Milk & Arabic Gum

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Beyond expectation of coffee latte which loaded with the benefits of Goat's Milk and Arabic Gum. Maleeq Cafe Latte is a special product for export with tastes like an international brand latte. Launched on June 2019 and has been exported continuously till now.

There are 3 type of packaging (SKU):

  • Box (30g x 15 sachets)
  • Board (30g x 15 sachets)
  • Mini Pack On The Go (30g x 5 sachets)

Packaging for Japan and China Market

LATTE Kotak Japan
  • Maleeq Cafe Latte's Label-Japan
  • LATTE Kotak China
  • Maleeq Cafe Latte's Label-China

  • Active Ingredients of Maleeq Cafe LATTE

    Active Ingredients: Arabic Gum and goat's milk

    Benefits of Goat's Milk:

    • Small fat molecules which help simplify the digestive process
    • The lactose content is 4.1% lower than cow's milk
    • An alternative for consumers who are allergic to cow's milk

    Benefits of Arabic Gum:

    • Natural sources of prebiotics
    • Helps facilitate digestion and excretion
    • High fiber sources (aid diet management)
    • Helps boost the body's immune system


    Maleeq Cafe LATTE at Supermarket

    Collaboration with one of Brunei's Company

    The collaboration between one of the companies in Brunei, Kurapak, and Bin Maleeq is a good platform for marketing our products. The demand and sales of Maleeq Cafe Latte gave positive feedback from consumers in Brunei and even managed to remain in the export market until now.

    Collaboration with Jborn's Group on Astro's Program

    Bin Maleeq has also sponsored and collaborated with one of the participants in the Astro Program (Musical Lawak Superstar) which is the Jborn group.

    Booth Sales by Maleeq Cafe LATTE Team

    Beyond Expectation for all Generations