Brand Expansion

Munif Hijjaz started in early 2010 with selling perfumes. We changed our trading concept to selling and offering food and beverages around 2013. After receiving good feedback, we expanded our trading and membership in 2016 by launching more food and beverage products in the Malaysian market, as well as introducing membership (agent and stockist). We began exporting products in 2021, with our first export being to Brunei. Currently, we also export to Singapore, Philippine, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Togo, and France.

Munif Hijjaz also has subsidiary companies, namely Bin Malek Global and UNIC Biz Empire.

Existing Market

We currently have more than 1600 wholesalers, stockists, and agents combined for our distributor network. Additionally, we supply to local outlets that retail through various modern and general trade channels.

Furthermore, apart from supplying to distributors and local outlets, we also promote and sell our products on E-marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, TikTok, Onpay, TV shows, and many more platforms.

Our products have a strong presence and we are able to export to other countries including Brunei, Singapore, Philippines, Togo, Saudi Arabia, Japan, France, and more to come.