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Munif Hijjaz Sdn Bhd (932753-X) was founded by Ustaz Munif bin Ahmad, who also serves as the company's Director, along with his business partner, Mr. Abdul Malek bin Manap, acting as the Managing Director of the company. The company commenced operations in early January 2010 and has continued to grow until today.


The establishment of Munif Hijjaz Sdn Bhd was a pivotal moment when Ustaz Munif bin Ahmad and Mr. Abdul Malek bin Manap met while performing Umrah in the Holy Land of Mecca in April 2009.

Munif Hijjaz Marketing Sdn Bhd 

Munif Hijjaz Marketing Sdn Bhd (932753-X) was named after one of its founders, Munif bin Ahmad, who is also a prominent nasheed singer in the Hijjaz Group.

Vision: Munif Hijjaz Marketing Sdn Bhd 

Becoming the leading company in the production and marketing of halal products in Malaysia, Munif Hijjaz Sdn Bhd has rapidly expanded in line with the company's slogan, "Simbol Tanpa Keraguan" (Symbol Without Doubt).

Mission: Munif Hijjaz Marketing Sdn Bhd

We are committed to transparency and honesty to ensure that every product we introduce adheres to Islamic Shariah principles.

We will also ensure that all consumers of our current and future product offerings feel confident and have no hesitation in making our products their top choice.

Objective: Munif Hijjaz Marketing Sdn Bhd

It is to introduce a new branding for the Malaysian market under the brand label "Munif Hijjaz" for various products. It has become a trend in our country's market nowadays, where the concepts of Halal and Islamic have found a place in the hearts of buyers, especially for companies founded by Bumiputera entrepreneurs.