Al Manna Gum Arabic with Pomegranate

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Contains pomegranate extract and gum arabic. This juicce powder comes without any preservatives, no added sugar and even no artificial flavors and colorings.

There are 2 type of packaging (SKU):

  • 150g per Jar
  • 400g per Jar

Serving Suggestions

Mix Al Manna with Pomegranate powder with cold water or mix with plain water. Next, store it in the fridge for a while before serving.

Benefits of Al Manna Gum Arabic with Pomegranate

Active Ingredients: Arabic Gum and Pomegranate

Benefits of Arabic Gum:

  • Natural sources of prebiotics
  • Helps facilitate digestion and excretion
  • High fiber sources (aid diet management)
  • Helps boost body's immune system

Benefits of Pomegranate:

  • Contains antioxidants to help lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure
  • Helps prevent and slow down Alzheimer
  • Contains nutrients such as vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, potassium, niasin included vitamins A and E
  • Sources of folic acid and antioxidants which help stimulate and enhance the beauty of the skin


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